About Me

Falling in the sky
Falling in the sky

My Vision

Motivation is the key to success they say. A motivation to be better, to learn more and to explore more of our planet is what drives me in the journey of life. It is what takes me to my next destination and keep me looking forward for more. Motivation also encourages me to face my everyday challenges and to face them wholeheartedly. In a few simple words I am writing my way around the world and sharing it with you to inspire you for future trips and to inform you about traditions, cultures and place worth a visit. I hope you find my site interesting and user friendly and please get back to me if you have any recommendations or suggestions.

My Journey

My Journey starts in Malta, the tiny island I have called home for 24 years. Follow me as I go through some of the world’s most astonishing destinations in my ways of unconventional travel. During my journey I am also seeking the true meaning of what it is to live and why we are not born to live in just 1 place. I am taking this journey because I truly believe that experience is far more valuable for me than money will ever be.

Who I am

I am David, a 24 year old Maltese guy who just graduated in psychology and spent 1 year working in the field. I have a serious case of travel bug and I am really passionate about sharing my stories and encouraging people to go out there and experience the world while we are young because we only get one chance. A wise man once said that in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.